After language switch from news entry, url goes from localhost/news/reach-and-read to localhost/es/news/alcance-y-lea

I was expecting change to localhost/es/noticias/alcance-y-lea

But if I change from news page localhost/news/ it changes to localhost/es/noticias/ works fine any ideas whats wrong with the entry url update?

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their latest update fixed 2.2.2


I have the same issue. Everything worked fine but now it doesn't work for me. According to example above, I translate "news" in Transcribe (Transcribe -> Templates) but when change the language I can't see any changes in URL.

In my case even the first segment is not translated.

I updated Transcribe to 2.2.1 version but it doesn't help.


Make sure that you add the translations for all the relevant templates in both languages. I also found that I needed to translate the name for "index" for my templates.

I hope that helps.

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