I am having a weird issue in a Freeform Pro edit form. I'm using Freeform Pro v.4.2.5 and EE 2.11.2

I think I'm missing something obvious. In my jsfiddle, when Radio Option 1 is clicked , the two drop down menu fields are required. When Radio Option 2 is clicked, the two drop down menus are hidden and their values, if any were selected, are removed.

This works fine.

My problem occurs when I edit a record. If I had clicked Radio Option 1 and then two options from the select menus; if I go back and edit the record and choose Radio Option 2, while the select options are removed in the form, they are not deleted in the database.

Any ideas what I am missing?

I thought the code below removed the value from a select menu but it only saves the removed value from textfields.


I also tried the code blow but it did not work either.

$('#country_2').prop( "selected", false );

Any help is appreciated, even if to let me know I'm missing something super obvious! Thanks Peter T

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I have avague recollection of hiding fields in forms not being updated. Try editing your forms with the non-required fields visible.

If that doesn't work then I vaguely recall submitting forms in EE with empty fields does not update the dB. Try putting in irrelevant/false content ie. none. You can then search those fields for content = 'NOT none'.

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