I have a channel that uses a Bloqs fieldtype in ee3. One of the defined blocks has a native relationship in it. I can output all the content from the related entries without a problem, but was wondering if anyone else had a problem with the total_results variable.

    total: {relationfield:total_results}
        {relationfield:title} ({relationfield:count})

Everything above works as expected - except the output of {relationfield:total_results} which is always "1" regardless of the number of items selected > 0.

Has anyone else run across this problem?

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I believe to access the total_results tag it needs to be inside the relationship tags, currently you have it sitting outside the tag.

  • Hmm. Could have sword I had replied to this, but I don't see it here... Regardless of where I put the tag, the output remains the same.
    – koivi
    Apr 11, 2017 at 15:41

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