I am new to EE. I have a client who has existing EE 2.9.2 website up and running developed by another developer.

The client wants to make a copy of this site to another server and point a new domain to the new instance. The client is not sure if the site uses core or licensed version of EE, but I cannot see in the header or footer of the site any Core labels so I assume it is a paid version.

I understand that 2 live sites cannot use the same license. The client is ready to buy another license. My questions are:

  1. When the client buy the new license is it a problem that we need license for an old version of EE 2.9.2?
  2. I can copy the site but how to change the license with the new one?
  3. While I update the new copy with the new license, will this affect the original instance in any way?
  4. Will the developer/company get some notification that this license is used twice?

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You can copy the site easily to one server to another server. As you are new to EE I suggest you to use Deeploy Helper plugin. (For all absolute and relative paths changes, so new site not take URLs and server path of Old site.)

Answer of your questions are as follows:

  1. Your new licence, that would be I think EE 3.5 + can use as licence key in your EE V2.9 site. (Although EE 2.x is no longer available and will expired officially in May 2017. Blog Here) You can still use EE2.9.x version.
  2. Licence Key is Hard coded in config file. Go to system > expressionengine > config > config.php. Find the variable $config['license_number'] and replace your new licence with old one.
  3. No. Your OLD site and Licence will not affected. Don't worry. :)
  4. No. No notifications will come out. (You also authorized to make a copy site in developer server with same licence so you can develop the site or make a site to development use. It is written in Terms and conditions of EE)

I hope you get all your answers :)

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