So I want to be able to display a Freeform Field's value of the picklist on a freeform entries list. I created a field with a list using the "Value/Label Pair list" choice. I can show the label, the field response chosen but not the value I assigned that choice.

These 2 attempts just output the label for the item being selected, not the numerical value I assigned.

{freeform:field:will_this_request_be_useful_to_other_hmis_users default_value=""}

I want to be able to see: LABEL Of Choice: Value Chosen (number). Not the Label of the question, the choice chosen and not the numerical value.

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I think this is what your after:

    {freeform:data:value} - {freeform:data:label}

ref: https://solspace.com/expressionengine/freeform/docs/default-fieldtypes/#multi_select

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