I have upgraded from 2.1 to 2.11.6 and I am running into an issue from the admin control panel where if I add an entry or delete an entry it timesout. I have the timeout set to 2 minutes. It still will actually add the entry and delete it but it just hangs until it times out. This is not happening when I do it on my local copy I have running.

I dug into it on the delete side of things and I have found a section in the /libraries/api/Api_channel_entries where it is hanging up. There is a section roughly line 527 and if I comment it out things happen quickly as expected. It deletes the entry earlier and then starts to do cleanup of other tables and gets hung up.

        foreach($ft_to_ids as $fieldtype => $ids)
        ee()->api_channel_fields->apply('delete', array($ids));

I am just looking for some guidance as I don't want to go in and change any core EE files and I have only been dealing with EE for under a year so not sure what may be the issue.

Any advice on where the issue may be so I can correct it would be appreciated.

Couple of updates.

I downloaded the database and files from the server and created a local copy so I know I have the same code and db as on my server and it takes 5-6 seconds to add a new article. Still slow but can deal with it. I set the timeout to be a lot longer and the process does complete on the server but it takes over 4 minutes.

Also should note that on my server I have 2 virtual servers behind a load balance with a single mysql instance on a third virtual. I have it set to be cookie based security and not session based. Wondering if that setup is what is causing the slow times.

  • What version of php are you using on your server?
    – txyoji
    Feb 9 '17 at 20:12
  • PHP version = 5.6.29
    – Chris
    Feb 9 '17 at 20:14

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