We just updated to the latest version of Expression Engine 2 (2.11.6), but now it looks like there's some kind of code being injected at the very top of our page, right after the "body" tag:

{!-- ra:00000000397d91950000000074865fe6 --}

It doesn't seem to be coming from any of our templates. Any idea why EE generates this random code?


i've had the same thing today. in my case it was related to a php script in the templates that was trying to get images from flickr over the old api. However i have seen people mentioning it can also be caching related. So first thing would be to clear all caches

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    Modified some of the PHP of our website, and it worked! Thanks for your help!
    – Jose Garza
    Feb 10 '17 at 16:49

I've just had the same issue, when moving an old EE 2.9.3 site to a Dev server and applying a test domain name.
There were some PHP Includes in the templates, which referenced the live site's server path. When I changed these... all fixed.

For example:
...changed to...

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