I'm quite new to ee3/Low Search and I'm wondering if someone would mind helping?

I'm attempting to give a site a simple property search.

On my site index page I have a select with property type options(categories)like House, Apartment, Land etc. inside the Low form tag.

If the "House" category is selected and posted to the results page I would like a form containing only House-specific fields to be displayed and if the "Land" category is posted I would like to display a form containing only Land-specific fields.

What would be the best way for me to do this?


  • "House" and "Land" you describe above is categories or category Group ? Commented Feb 13, 2017 at 12:31

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To identify the categories selected in low search, we use low search variable low_search_category

  1. In low search form, You need to select your query {exp:low_search:form query="{segment_3}"}

  2. Use low_search_category to identify category you searched.

    <select name="category[]" id="type" class="form-control selectpicker show-tick" title="Choose One" data-live-search="true" data-style="btn-primary">
        <option value="">Choose Type</option>
        {exp:channel:categories channel="channel_name" disable="category_fields" category_group="1" parent_only="yes" style="linear"}
        <option value="{category_id}" {if low_search_category ~ '/\b'.category_id.'\b/'}selected{/if}>{category_name}</option>

    In above example, I have use low_search_category to make the selection field selected. In the same manner, you can use this variable to identify your category in {if} or can pass in categories loop.


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