I have never worked with another Third Party System before that prefers to push data to me than provide an API to just pull that data down as needed - but they have their reasons they say!

On that basis they say they typically use a basic method of the client providing a form to which they post the data each time. Now this means they post direct to the form submission URL - so my initial thought was channel forms - but then i remembered XSS and how this will prevent it. So is there a way to disable XSS token checks specifically for a single form, or just site wide (which i would prefer to avoid).

If not - i will use addon to create a REST api on the EE end and get them to submit to that. Does anyone have any experience with such a addon as: http://docs.reinos.nl/webservice/#introduction

Thanks, N


In this case, the POST submission would be rejected not due to XSS, but CSRF. It's not an appropriate API to use for continuous submission from an external source.

I haven't used Reinos' add-on, but depending on the third-party's flexibility, their aptitude, and your custom field requirements, it's possible that your needs would be covered by the native Metaweblog API. You would install it and configure a specific endpoint for them to use. They would send a Metaweblog API compatible request to that URL, which would be exempted from CSRF protection, and use its own authentication.

  • Really good point. I did not think to try that. Trying out Reinos add-on and it seems very good indeed so far. But will try this too. Thanks Mr Jones Feb 18 '17 at 16:34

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