My Low search form always searches for the first option in the field below (Grid column with value/label pairs) even if none of its options are selected. Can anyone help me with this?


<select name="search:property_address_set:address_ward">
    <option>Select option</option>
    {if option:group != ''}<optgroup label="{option:group}">{/if}
    {options}<option value="{option:value}">{option:label}</option>{/options}
    {if option:group != ''}</optgroup>{/if}

EE 3.5.2

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You need to add value="" to the first option. This is how HTML and forms work.

  • This <option>Hello World</option> will submit Hello world
  • This <option value="hi">Hello World</option> will submit hi
  • This <option value="">Hello World</option> will submit an empty string

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