This answer does almost have what I need.

But it's two years old and nothing in the links provided in the answer points to a solution for EE3.

I want another save / save + close button pair on top of the entry as I am editing very long entries with many fields.

Does anybody have a working solution for EE3?

Can I use i.e. the plugin Publish Bar which has been last updated in 2011? Did the EE plugin API change a lot since then?

I don't want to alter the backend code, as that would be a lot of work for each time I need to update EE3.

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Well, this is very easy. You just need to call jQuery on a cp_js_end hook. Just copy and paste the code below.


  1. Access your EE install via FTP and go to the folder system/user/addons

  2. Create a folder inside addons folder and name it button_move

  3. Create a file inside it named addon.setup.php and paste this code inside it:

    return array(
        'author' => 'Mufi',
        'author_url' => '#',
        'description' => 'Copy Channel entry submit button to TOP',
        'docs_url' => '#',
        'name' => 'Clone Channel entry Button to TOP',
        'settings_exist' => false,
        'version' => '1.0.0',
        'namespace'   => 'EllisLab\Addons\Button_move',
  4. Create a file named ext.button_move.php and paste this code inside:

    <?php if (!defined('BASEPATH')) die('No direct script access allowed');
    class Button_move_ext
        public $version         = "1.0.0";
        public $name            = 'Clone Channel entry Button to TOP';
        public $description     = 'Copy Channel entry submit button to TOP';
        public $docs_url        = '#';
        public $settings_exist  = FALSE;
        public $settings        = array();
        public $hook            = 'cp_js_end';
        public function __construct()
            $this->EE =& get_instance();
            $this->site_id = $this->EE->config->item('site_id');
        public function activate_extension()
             $data = array( 'class'     =>  __CLASS__,
                            'method'    =>  "copy_btn",
                            'hook'      =>  $this->hook,
                            'settings'  =>  "",
                            'priority'  =>  100,
                            'version'   =>  $this->version,
                            'enabled'   =>  'y'
            // insert in database
            $this->EE->db->insert('extensions', $data);
        public function disable_extension()
            $this->EE->db->where('class', __CLASS__);
        public function update_extension($current=FALSE)
            if($current == $this->version) return false;
            // Update the extension
                ->where('class', __CLASS__)
                ->update('extensions', array('version' => $this->version));
        public function copy_btn()
            $js = '';
            if ($this->EE->extensions->last_call !== FALSE)
                $js = $this->EE->extensions->last_call;
            $js .= "var url = document.URL;
                    var chk = url.search('/cp/publish/edit/entry');
                    if(url.search('/cp/publish/edit/entry') != -1 || (url.search('/cp/publish/create') != -1))
                            $('ul.tabs').next('form').prepend($('ul.tabs').next('form').find('fieldset.form-ctrls').clone().removeClass('form-ctrls').addClass('top-btn').css('margin-bottom', '10px').css('text-align', 'center'));
            return $js;
  5. In Add-on Manager inside the CP install the plugin called Clone Channel entry Button to TOP.

All the publish entry/edit entry pages now have a button at the top as well as the original one at the bottom.

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