I'm using the Tally add-on to display a total from a custom field I have that stores numeric values. It's working great, my only problem is that I need a conditional setup that will display 'your current total is 0' or even just '0' when the logged in user has a null or zero tally total.

When a logged in user visits my front-end template, it works perfectly if they have tally but if the tally is null or zero then it's completely blank. Does anyone know how to setup a conditional like this for Tally? I couldn't find any examples of conditionals for Tally in the documentation and I tried the code below to no avail:

{if tally:total == ""}You current total is 0.{/if}

The code above just displays every time whether or not the logged in user has a tally or not and I've tried it both with nothing in the quotes and with a zero in the quotes. I would greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions for accomplishing this, Thanks!

  • You are using this in an embedded template as per the docs yes? Mar 12, 2017 at 2:02

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Looking at that plugin's code, it should work fine if you're using a tag pair, and its {tally_total} variable, e.g.:

    {if ! tally_total}Your current total is 0.{/if}

I contacted the plugin author about this issue and he gave me the following code:

{if '{exp:tally:total collection="hours"}' < 1}Your current total is 0.{/if}

This works perfectly and does exactly what I need. Thanks!


I'm not familiar with Tally but I wonder if the NOT operator could be your friend.

Something like:

{if ! tally:total}You current total is 0.{/if}
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    Thank you for the reply and suggestion. Unfortunately that's not working and generates a parse error. Mar 10, 2017 at 17:47

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