I’m trying to allow the author to over ride the default of 7 grid rows to be displayed on main page of article.

I have a drop down filed (limit_override) with “default,25,50,75” to start with.

I would like to have something like this, below does not work

{if limit_override =="default"}

{grid limit="7"}


{grid limit="{limit_override}"}




I have tried stash


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You should be able to work this out using something like:

    {if limit_override == "default"}
        {if grid_field_name:count <= 7}
        {if grid_field_name:count <= limit_override}

Or with Stash you could set_list for the grid output and then get_list with a conditional limit. Or in a separate channel:entries tag get and save the value of limit_override and use that as the limit parameter in the grid field in the main channel:entries. Haven't tested, and not sure which of those 3 ways is the fastest / most efficient.

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