Getting an error with Dev Demon updater:

Message: Non-static method Updater_helper::arrayExtend() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context


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This is known error of Upgraded PHP version.

As you know a static method should ideally defined as static function(){} where static means the method can be called without an instance of the class.

For current scenario, Follow the staps:

  1. Open FTP and go to system > expressionengine > third_party > updater > libraries folder.
  2. Open file named updater_helper.php
  3. Search function function arrayExtend( and change it from

    public function arrayExtend($a, $b) {


    public static function arrayExtend($a, $b) {

arrayExtend is not a single function that is static and defined normally. There is more functions in same file




arrayExtend($a, $b)

You need to change all this functions to static by adding public static function fun_name()

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