I found a question posted based on the same error, but my issue happens in a different scenario.

Example: I have "Product A" with status "Status 1".

Adding it to cart works as expected.

When I use channel:form to change its status to "Status 2", and then try adding it to cart, I get this error:

Store: Can't find product (entry ID: 3242, modifiers [])

If I change from "Status 1" to "Status 2" in the control panel, adding the product to cart works as expected. It seems that channel form is causing a problem here.

My channel form code:


 <input name="title" type="text" value="{title}" readonly hidden>

 <select name="status" id="status">
  <option value="Status 2" selected="selected">Status 2</option>


Does anyone have a clue about this one? Cheers!

Edit: To be clear, editing the status with channel:form works (at least the status change is reflected in the control panel, it's just that Store throws a fit)


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