i'm using exp:calendar:events to show all events that belong to certain dates and categories. Now i have 2 URL segments {segment_2} and {segment_3} that show category ids for example {segment_2} is category 6 and {segment_3} is category 17

if i have category="{segment_2}|{segment_3}" i get entries that belong either to one category or another.

The same happens if i put category="6|17" avoiding segments

What i really want is to get the results for category 6 AND category 17 (entries that belong to both these categories)

is that possible in a straightforward way? if not can it be used in combination with Low Seg2Cat or some other tool?


  • EE 3.4.7 and Calendar (ver 3)

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As stuartmcd69 says, what you need to do is use the & character instead of |. However, the current version of Calendar (2.2.3) has a bug where this does NOT work. We're close to releasing a 2.3.0 version that will include a bug fix for this though.

If you need a patch now, just create a support ticket here :)

  • Thank you for the speed in your response ... i realised that it is a bug as it does not work after many tries Commented Apr 10, 2017 at 14:59
  • I confirm that it is a bug as category="x&y" does not produce the expected results Commented Apr 10, 2017 at 15:01

According to the docs, using the pipe character will return results if entries belong to either category id. To return those that belong to both then use the & symbol instead of the | character.

Link to the docs read it :)

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