I have a list of items. Each item has a season. I am trying to organize the items by season. I believe the list is pre sorted and I need to create a header everytime there item has a new season

In php I would imagine something like this

$nextSeason = "";
foreach($list as $item){
    $season = $item->season;
    if($nextSeason != $season){
        $nextSeason = $season;
        echo '<h1>' . $season . '</h1>'

I have no clue how to accomplish this within the EE templating language

Here is the current code looping through the list:

{exp:stash:get_list:1 name="classes"

    <div class="col-sm-3 class-info-container">

If i add {classes:season} it is printing out the season for every item.

I also do not understand what the :1 is at the end of {exp:stash:get_list:1} I have looked at the documentation for stash but it does not have a reference for this.

I believe this site is running EE 2

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Tough to tell without the whole setting/getting picture, but definitely possible to recreate the effect of your php example with Stash. See: https://gist.github.com/croxton/6219973 for an example of setting and getting headers and also the individual items for each header. It should apply to what you're trying to do. Also: https://github.com/croxton/Stash/wiki/Lists#three-and-more-dimensional-lists

The ending ":1" in the module tag is probably used because that stash get_list is within another stash tag pair. You can use any word (like "nested1", "nest2", "bubba" etc...) to differentiate each nested stash tag pair. I believe it's necessary due to the way eecms process module tags, but can't remember for sure.

  • Thanks, I will try to go through that example and make it work for my needs. I have tried using stash:get/set but it was not working very well. the get_list already has a match on it, can I use multiple matches? A match is needed to implement the example gist Commented May 17, 2017 at 17:24

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