Is there a way to use Resources Router to only route for entries in one particular channel, then for everything else, use the normal EE template structure?

I've tried:

':any'  => function($router, $wildcard_furniture) {
           if ($wildcard_furniture->isValidEntry(array('channel' => 'furniture'))) {
         } else {

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This should work:

$config['resource_router'] = array(

    ':any' => function($router, $wildcard) {
        if ($wildcard->isValidUrlTitle( array('channel' => 'furniture') )) {


If there's no match then no template would be set and ee carries on.

I would think it's faster if you can narrow the url possibility down because then that db call will only happen on matched pages (i.e.: domain.com/furniture/chair):

    'furniture/:any' => function($router, $wildcard) {
        if ($wildcard->isValidUrlTitle ... etc....

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