I am new to EE (but familiar with PHP, SQL, etc.) and am trying to run an EE site locally that was originally made by another developer. It is a large, complex site with numerous plug-ins.

EE verson is 2.8.1. My local setup is Windows 7 64-bit and MAMP with PHP 5.5.38 (the same version the site was built for) and MySQL 5.6.34.

I have imported the db, changed the config file to use my own disk paths etc., and installed further requisites with PHP Composer.

Now, when I visit index.php, I get a completely blank page. I have confirmed that index.php runs to completion (by adding a test 'echo' statement at the end), but it produces no output, even with $debug=1, and I see nothing in the Apache and PHP error logs. (I've also noticed that, when I visit the EE control panel, I can log in, but the CSS styles are all missing.)

I suspect I may have missed something in the config file, problem but am unsure what to try next. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Seems like your paths are not correct. You need to add right path for theme and template folder. Commented Jun 22, 2017 at 12:36
  • In environment.php: ENV_LIVE_SITE_URL = localhost/millweb ENV_SITE_URL = localhost/millweb ENV_PATH = C:/MAMP/htdocs/millweb ENV_ENVIRONMENT = dev And I also had to add this, to fix errors with extensions not loading: $assign_to_config['third_party_path'] = 'C:/MAMP/htdocs/millweb/third_party'; I believe remaining (CSS) problem is with Theme path. I set it to correct "C:/MAMP/htdocs/millweb/themes/", but still no CSS in control panel: that HTML uses "/themes/filename". It should be "/millweb/themes/filename". How/where can I fix that?
    – equin0x80
    Commented Jun 22, 2017 at 13:39

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Solved it in the end. The problem was a missing slash / at the end of the "third_party_path" config setting.

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