Okay, so I have rarely used Simple Commerce and I’m starting to see why. But the client’s needs are minimal so I don’t want to upgrade to a 3rd party addon.

I have setup Simple Commerce as specified including IPN. I have provided PayPal my public key, got my code, and also placed their provided cert, my public and private key in a directory above root accessible to EE. The temp folder for encrypted files, also above root, has read/write access. I have turned on Payment encryption in both Simple Commerce and in the PayPal account. I have providing PayPal the IPN URL from the CP.

Everything appears to work. The buttons are encrypted, the purchases are completed through PayPal no prob. I have debugging on and it shows the IPN notifications coming back in an email. I also used PayPal’s tester to test the IPN URL. I am buying as a logged in user. I have done everything the (limited) documentation says and yet, the purchases STILL won’t record in the db and fire off the appropriate emails.

Anyone have any insight?? Thanks!

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Worked with the OP in ExpressionEngine support. In this case, it relates to:




Ensure that your IPN configuration is set to use UTF-8 encoding, or the Simple Commerce IPN verification will not be validated by PayPal.


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