I have a strange problem and I think there is a bug in the platform (v2.9.2 - Build Date: 20141004 ), related to Grid field.

I'm trying to access more fields and one of this fields need to be accessed many times in the template for example:

{grid_name search:field_used_for_search="criteria"} 
  {grid_name:field1} ........
  {grid_name:field3 status="Active"}

I added two new fields in channel fields for this Grid, because I need to add a new feature in website and when I tried to access those new fields I had a big surprise, the page displayed something like:

{grid_name search:field_used_for_search="criteria"} 
  {grid_name:field3 status="Active"}


Let's presume that I want to to show a field (doesn't matter if is one of those added recently or olds) somewhere inside grid_name tag. I thought maybe is something with my new fields and I tried to access others (old ones) and is the same behavior. So I deleted some of the old recurrence from my template and I access other one and surprise, works.

The way that I access those fields is right. So if I delete for example two recurrence of {grid_name:field2} I can access those two fields added recently, but if I keep the old ones and I try to display all of them I get the previous error.

Do you have some suggestions ?

PS: The template is very large (320 full lines, without white lines), can be a problem related to this ?

Thanks, Bobo

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Possibly fixed in next EE version 2.9.3?:

Fixed a bug (#20704) where Grid tags may not parse correctly if multiple Grid tag pairs are present and one tag pair contains no variables.


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