EE 2.11.5

User 3.5.3

Everything about my Reset Password chain of templates works, except for the return link in the forgot_password form.

    password_reset_email_subject="Password Reset Request"

After the form is submitted, instead of getting redirected to: https://domain.com/members/forgot-sent, I get redirected to: https://domain.com/https://domain.com/members/forgot-sent

Which brings me to a blank page with just the following error: The URI you submitted is not allowed.

I've tried adding a beginning slash and putting in the full URL in the return parameter, but no matter what, that return parameter is not working.

I go back to the email that was sent, click on the link to the reset page, and using the create new password form, everything works fine. I even have on my reset form a return parameter that DOES work fine.


So only the return parameter on my forgot_password template code is not working properly. Any ideas?

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Ah, it's this parameter that's causing the issue.


If I remove that from the forgot_password form, then the form works and the return template I put in works properly.

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