I've followed How to Display an Entry's Category? to show the categories assigned to a particular channel entry.

Is there a way to specify a certain Category Group?

For example, my code looks like this:

{exp:channel:entries channel="training"}




So I have a channel called training. This contains a list of training courses, each of which is a channel entry. The above template lists the courses.

I then have two separate Category Groups assigned to my training channel. These are called Training course category (ID == 1) and Course type (ID == 2).

All I want to do in my {categories} {/categories} loop is work out whether the entry belongs to a specific Course type.

However, because each course has been assigned multiple categories (ID 1 and ID 2 Category Groups) it just outputs a list of any category that's been assigned. I understand this is expected behaviour. How can I alter the code so that it only looks for categories in Category Group 2?

ExpressionEngine version is 3.5.10

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You can specify which group the categories tag looks at.

{categories show_group="2"}



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