I have a need for a "blog/news" section that has some entries that go from the index to a standard entry blog template, and some that just link to an outside site from the index template. Does EE have a simple way to do this?


What I'd do is set up a field (eg blog_offsite_url) to store an optional offsite URL.

Then in your link from the blog index page, use a conditional like this.

{if blog_offsite_url}
    <a href="{blog_offsite_url}">More</a>
    <a href="/blog/post/{url_title}">More</a>

To be thorough, you should put a conditional in the detail template (in this case blog/post) to redirect the user to the offsite blog URL when that has been provided.

I like using rsan's HTTP Header plugin for that.

{if blog_offsite_url}
    {exp:http_header status="301" location="{offssite_blog_url}" terminate="yes"}

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