For an EE3 site, I'd like to split a CSV or pipe delimited string (i.e. avi,david,sam or maybe avi|david|sam) and have each segment added to a Stash list.

I've looked at BBD Stringer ($6) on Devot-ee thinking I might be able to use it to break up the string and then stash each value in a list but it seems to be a bit more basic: that it just breaks the string apart but not as tags which could be passed into an {exp:stash:set_list} tag pair.

Any thoughts?

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Haven't used BBD Stringer, but have used Low List to help with this. You can do something like:

    {exp:low_list:each items="north|east|south|west" as="individual_direction"}

By the way, MANY thanks to Croxton & Low (attorneys?) for both add-ons.

  • Went a different direction in terms of handling this data but this answer would have definitely gotten me where I needed to be. Bookmarked for future use. Thanks! Commented Sep 16, 2017 at 18:01

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