I have an entry with 125 images in a channel images field.

Since the website is multi-linugal, a related entry needs to have the same number of images.

However, the limit of stored images seem to be 50.

How can we have all the stored images for a related entry.

And also it would be great if there was an add all images and remove all images button.

Am using EE 2.11.9 and Channel Images 5.4.19

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For the channel images field where you're hitting the limit, go to the field settings:

Channel Fields > Your_field > Fieldtype Settings (tab) > Image Limit

and set as blank for unlimited images.

  • In my case I have the Image Limit field empty and it's still showing just 30 images from 50. Do you have any idea? Apr 19, 2018 at 12:47

By default Channel Image show first 30 images. If you want to display all of them you need to set a limit higher than your total number of images.

See Doc - limit

limit - This parameter limits the number of images on any given page. The limit will default to 30 entries if a value is not specified. If you are using pagination then this will determine the number of entries shown per page.


{exp:channel_images:images limit="100"}

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