Using Freeform Next. I have a feeling this is way basic and Im just missing it.

I have a dynamic recipients set up with on a "Select Division" drop down.

Currently the email is returning the email address Im filtering too. I want the option label of the division.

How do I get that?

Basic form is ....

Contact Form Submitted on: {current_time format="%l, %F %j, %Y at %g:%i%a"}

  • Name: {field:name:value}
  • Email: {field:email:value}
  • Phone Number: {field:phone:value}
  • Division: {field:division:options}{option:label}{/field:division:options}
  • Message: {field:message:value}
  • I am having the same issue, were you able to solve this? I would like to display the label of the division the user selected. – DigitalDesigns Feb 2 at 17:41

Have you set up a custom email notification template for the form? You should be able to add {field:division:label} and {field:division:value} to the body and whatever other variables from the form you want displayed in the notification email.

I've just found a workaround for this, although it's not very elegant.

On my Dynamic Recipients field, I have 2 options available. Each one has 2 email addresses, which the Notifications will be sent to, upon the customer submitting the form.

Option A =,
Option B =,

In my Notifications template, I have then added an if..then..else check to detect which values (as a string) have been submitted, for this Field.

    <td>{if field:fieldname:value == ","}Option A{if:else}Option B{/if}</td>

So far, in testing, this has proven successful. It's a bit clunky because if you change the destination email addresses on the form Field, you have to remember to edit them in the if..then..else statement too.

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