Is there anyway to output entry data from a particular field, find the separator and output HTML based on that separator?


Postcode Field for Entry Outputs: LL21, LL22, LL33, LL44, LL46

But I want to find the comma and replace with an opening and closing

So the result would be: LL21</span> <span>LL22</span> <span>LL33</span> <span>LL44</span> <span>LL46

I would hard code the first and final span.

Is it possible EE2 and EE3?

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You can use a wonderful EE utility called Streeng to do this (and lots of other things).

Streeng performs a broad variety of manipulations on the tag outputs, including stripping out some or all of the <html> tags within it, and performing substitutions. You could use these features to achieve what you are describing.

With Streeng installed, to get a version of the tag output with , replaced by </span><span> you would need to enclose the tag as follows:

{exp:streeng find="," replace="</span><span>"} {your_tag_goes_here} {/exp:streeng}


  • Thank you for that! Just seen that available for ee3 too! Amazing! Oct 18, 2017 at 12:54

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