Both builds are exactly the same just with different branding. Just looking for the easiest way to set this up.

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It should be no more complicated than:

  • copy the file stack from the first server to the second
  • use a utility (e.g. phpmyadmin) to export the EE database from your first server to a file
  • import the database to your new server using a utility (e.g. phpmyadmin)
  • update the config.php file on the new server to point to the right paths and to the new database, and insert the EE serial number for the second server
  • log into the EE control panel on the new server (credentials will be same as on first server) and fine-tune the settings to get it working OK on new server
  • do your branding changes to the new server

You can save yourself some time if you like by updating the EE settings on the first copy to use {base_url} and {base_path} in the various file locations used to configure EE in the CP - then when you change these two entries on the new server, all the entries in CP that use them will be automagically updated too...



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