Developing a custom fieldtype and having trouble getting the entry data to save to the exp_channel_data table. I know that the data passed must be a string and I am trying to catch the data at the public function save($data) point so I can properly construct it and pass it on.

My issue is that I can't seem to stop and see anything at that point. No var_dump(), echo(), print_r(), exit(), etc are having any effect.

How can I view the $data being sent to that method?

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I received some help in the slack forum for this one.

Short answer is I was not providing a name for my fieldtype during construction. I assumed this was auto-generated by EE due to back end requirements. I was wrong. lol

I added the name attribute to the field on creation in the format field_id_x where x is the config id. Once this was in place, the fields were processed. A little more clear documentation in the dev docs would be nice to clarify this. ;)

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