Using Expressionengine 3.5.11

I would like to add another item alongside:

  • 'Create'
  • 'Edit'
  • 'Files'
  • 'Members'

in the Admin control panel for for creating Pages.

I found instructions for adding a custom dropdown menu but that's not what I want. According to Ellis Labs docs Pages should have been added to the Create menu when I installed it, but it wasn't.

Will I have to do this by hacking the template?

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You can add a link to that pages. Go in Setting -> Menu Manager -> Manage (a menu set of you choice) and Add Menu Item -> Single Link -> https://yourdomaine/yoursystemfolder/index.php?/cp/addons/settings/pages OR directly the channel where you want to create the page. The new item menu will appear below the main menu.

  • Almost what I needed, there was a 'Default' menu that I had to add things to. Commented Dec 7, 2017 at 14:21

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