I am trying to display a members list using zoo visitor.

I cannot display the default members group. It only displays new custome members group I have created. How can I get this members list to display the default members group #5

{exp:zoo_visitor:members group_id="5"}
{visitor:member_lastname} {visitor:member_firstname} 

{exp:zoo_visitor:memberlist group_id="5"
{title} {visitor:member_lastname} {visitor:member_firstname} 
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    Isn't the parameter "member_group" instead of "group_id"? Commented Dec 11, 2017 at 14:42

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I think you need to try below code for member list.

{!-- Limit as per your scenario --}
{exp:visitor:members member_group="5" limit="800"}
    {visitor:member_firstname} {visitor:member_lastname}

I agree with Romans-8---31-39

Although I am not sure about the Zoo Visitor parameter but I am looking at Visitor documentation (EE3) and the parameter is member_group not group_id. Why not try it?

{exp:zoo_visitor:memberlist member_group="5"} {title} {visitor:member_lastname} {visitor:member_firstname} {/exp:zoo_visitor:memberlist}

  • I tried this. I have over 700 members in group #5, this code only displays 4 members. Commented Dec 15, 2017 at 12:43

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