I'm using EE v .3.4.4 and have used a dump of the site's live database to keep my development machine in sync from time to time. This has not been a problem in this project until last week.

After importing the live DB last week, I was unable to login to the CP. I have the continual loop of the login page being redisplayed.

So I cleared the exp_security_hashes table and the exp_sessions table.

This did not fix the issue. Adding $config['cookie_domain'] = ""; to master config works.

But I do not want to keep this as a fix as this is not the correct cookie domain.

What is the correct permanent solution for this?

Thanks in advance.


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A pretty simple solution is to set configurations based on environment. This is a hacky example, but totally works. For a single variable, you could do this in your config file:

if ($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] == 'mysite.local'){
    $config['cookie_domain'] = "";
} else {
    $config['cookie_domain'] = "mysite.com";

There are way more robust ways to do this. Look into setting environment variables via your environment.


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