New to EE overall but trying to output 'lists' of category specific entries within a specific category group. Essentially the logic I think I need is: 'for unique each category in categoryGroup output entries with associated category as a group/list of entries'

Low-reorder plugin sets can be created and are used elsewhere but this doesnt seem to get me where I want to go with regards to the output.

Any advice/code snippets would surely be appreciated.

[Category Hierarchy] -Category Group - Cat 1 - Cat 2

[Ideal Output] - Cat 1 Name - entry A - entry B - Cat 2 Name - entry A - entry C

Thanks in advance.

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You want something like this:

{exp:channel:categories channel="xxx" show="x|y|z" style="linear"}
   {exp:channel:entries channel="xxx" category="{category_id}" dynamic="no"}

Clearly you will need to add your own information - vis replace "xxx" with your channel name - and if you only want a limited number of categories put the category numbers you want in the 'show' parameter in place of x, y, z etc.


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