I know it's not actually supported, but Stash seems to mostly work fine in EE4. Anyhow, For some reason the CAPTCHA, in a "standard" 'exp:email:contact_form', doesn't display.

I've tested the same code outside of where my stash templates are and it displays OK.


sort of related side note: these are the errors I get in the dev log using stash in EE4 so far:

Deprecated function assign_variables() called in /ser/ver/path/user/addons/stash/mod.stash.php on line 728.
From template tag exp:stash:set in /.
Deprecated since 4.0. Use ee('Variables/Parser')->extractVariables() instead.


Deprecated function assign_parameters() called in /ser/ver/path/user/addons/stash/ext.stash.php on line 183.
Deprecated since 4.0. Use ee('Variables/Parser')->parseTagParameters() instead.


Deprecated function full_tag() called in /ser/ver/path/user/addons/stash/ext.stash.php on line 170.
Deprecated since 4.0. Use ee('Variables/Parser')->getFullTag() instead.
  • Stash is still supported and devvelloped by Marc Croxton and Stash is EE4 compatible. – Stéphane Mar 13 '18 at 3:33

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