I have a channels "Show" and "Event". The Event channel has a relationship field (rel_show) to link to a Show

In the Show detail page.. i want to show all the Event related to that Show (event the upcoming events)

{exp:channel:entries channel="show" url_title="{last_segment}"}
{parents field="rel_show" orderby="entry_date" sort="desc" show_futures_entries="yes"}

2 questions..

  1. The show_future_entries doesn't work is there a way to bypass or make it work
  2. I need to group the event by Year.. but i think relationship doesn't allow that right?!.. I can use php to "group" or put and Header when the loop dectect a new Year..

I also may close the "show" exp:channel:entries.. to open a new one with channel="event" and then use a if statement to check if related entries is the good show.. But i have a looootttt of event..

Any ideas?

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My bad!

show_future_entries="yes" show_expired="yes"

works.. i miss typed futures -> future.. I'll figure it out about the "heading"

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