Where can I find the cookie_consent_module. If I google it and follow the link, it get a 404.


You might want to try this link:

In mcp.cookie_consent.php, line 63 will have to be changed from…

$this->EE->cp->set_variable('cp_page_title', $this->EE->lang->line('cookie_consent_module_name'));


$this->EE->view->cp_page_title = $this->EE->lang->line('cookie_consent_module_name');

As well as in both upd.cookie_consent.php, line 67,
and ext.cookie_consent.php, line 363, change from…

// $this->EE->functions->set_cookie('cookies_allowed', 'y', $expires);


$this->input->set_cookie('cookies_allowed', 'y', $expires);

I'm pretty sure the cookie_consent module from Ellis has been EOL'd with EE2. If you want to do this a better solution is to use one of the many GDPR compliant solutions around. Here is a link to a free one that works nicely and might be what you need: https://cookie-bar.eu/



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