I haven't used EE since version 2, and am looking to integrate it with a current project, using the MSM to control several subdomains. I'm almost embarrassed to ask this question because this is so ridiculous, but where am I supposed to purchase/download MSM from??! I'm reading the docs:

Pull up the manage purchases page in your account on EllisLab.com. (Make sure you’re logged into the same EllisLab account used to purchase the Multiple Site Manager license.) Next to the MSM license in question, you’ll see the option to Add Sites. Follow the checkout process in the store.

Well, I'm logged into my Ellislab account, I can see my prior purchases, and I can see "the store", and there is not a whiff nor a hint of where to purchase a new copy of MSM.

Nor is it listed on Devot:ee. Nor does Google provide any relevant results. Nor does a search of their site provide any clues.

Goodness me, I'd sure love to give Ellislab some dollars... if only they'd tell me how many they'd like and where I deposit them. Help me out, someone.

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When you're log in.. in your purchase you see your license... There you can Add Site to your existing licenses. When you Add a site you can download only the license, upload it in the server and that's it! You don't really buy a MSM license. You just add a site to an existing license.


I understand now since writing this that MSM is bundled as part of the EE4 package ($299)... but you only get one site. Each additional site is $199.

I can find absolutely nowhere in the docs, or anywhere, where this is explicitly stated so I hope this helps someone.

Also, when I first purchased EE 2.10 and MSM, it cost 299 and 199 respectively ($498), and you got 3 sites for that. Now they are wanting a grand total of $697 to run 3 websites with Expression Engine. That's too much in my book, so I am looking for other solutions.

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