Grown with the years, one of my projects consists of several Channels with several Field Groups and dozens of custom fields. Now with ExpressionEngine 4 and the new fluid field we want to consolidate most of the custom fields so we're not longer depending on so many custom fields … whats the easiest and safest way to migrate from «multiple custom fields to one fluid field»?

For example – right now we have Channel1, Channel2, Channel3 etc. each with field groups with custom fields like channel1-bodytext, channel2-bodytext, channel3-bodytext and of course many, many more.

How can I migrate/export/import those into just one text-field inside one fluid field used by all channels?

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I am not aware of any add-on that will do this kind of transformation, but if you are comfortable working on your EE4 database directly using SQL it is certainly possible to do that way.

I had to do this recently sorting out an EE2 site being migrated to EE4. For that work I was pulling entries from channels and writing them to fluid fields (including grid fields). Worked OK. Didn't try and migrate relationship fields - but imagine that they are doable too.

A detailed description of what to do is beyond scope of this kind of space, but simplistically:

  • Use EE to create the fluid fields you need
  • Put one unique fake entry information in each field
  • Use something like Sequel Pro to find the definition information for each field created (e.g. the channel field / grid number, and the position of the field in the fluid field register)
  • For each field, generate a list of the entry_id's of the entries that you want to migrate and that have a value in the field
  • Construct a custom SQL query to copy the content of the migrating fields to the new fluid field entry - you will need to make sure you increment some counters in the fluid field register to do this correctly
  • (side note - I wrote a set of EE templates to automatically generate the required SQL queries - saved a lot of time)
  • test / delete the old fields.

This is a non-trivial activity for you by sound of it, but once you get hang of how it works it should be manageable.

Usual words of caution - back everything up, and do this work on a development server... it is easy to break things.

Of course if you want someone else to do it for you... drop me a line via my website :)

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