I have a series of entries coming from a Matrix field on a page. If there is more than one entry I would like a "+" to follow each entry, except for the final entry. I've tried using backspace, but that removes the "+" from all entries.

{if performance_type == "Performance"}
{artist}<a href="{title_permalink="artists/view"}">{title}</a>
{if total_results >= "1"}&nbsp;+&nbsp;{/if}

Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


I think the best way achieve this is to do by adding CSS. For that you just need to create one class pipe containing the + sign (either with an image or with color). Then put that pipe class on respected rows in Matrix. This way you can manage it very easily.

span.pipe:before {content:" + ";}
span.pipe:first-child:before {display: none;}
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  • That's a great approach, thank you for the input! – Matt Jul 12 '18 at 17:48

if you change this

{if total_results >= "1"}&nbsp;+&nbsp;{/if}

to this

{if count != total_results}&nbsp;+&nbsp;{/if}

Then you will get the "+" if there are multiple and it will not put the "+" at the end.

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