We are experiencing some performance issues with our website and on investigation it appears that the our caching mechanism doesn't seem to be working.

For example, Template A loads Template B as an embed (embed=""). Template B is not directly accessible via the website, ie its just meant to be an embed file not a full web page.

Template B has been set to Enable Cache with a Refresh Interval of 525600 (1 year). When I clear the cache and load Template B via the browser it takes 60+ seconds to load (which is why I have it cached). On a new page load it's down to 0.1 seconds. Perfect.

However I come back the next day and the page is loading at 60+ seconds again. This would suggest that the cache is being cleared for some reason even though it's not set to expire for 1 year and no one has been in to the control panel to edit any content, which would bust the cache.

Has anyone experienced this issue, or can suggest any solutions.


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Given that you don't want to update Template B dynamically (i.e. one year cache life) it might be easier to use a static cache for the Template B output. Stash provides simple static caching which you can control on a per-template basis (i.e. set only your Template B to static cache) and coexists nicely with other forms of caching (e.g. EE native).

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