A client asked me to took over his website recently to update on his behalf so the site was produced by a previous developer so I am quite new to Expression Engine.

Only pages with single word can show the active menu colour (background + border) when we are on the current page but not other pages with two words.

Heres the code:

<a href="{site_url}team" {if embed:title=='Our Team'}class="active"{/if}>Our Team</a>
<a href="{path='services/taxation'}" {if embed:title=='Taxation'}class="active"{/if}>Taxation</a>

I found that one word would work fine but not two words. I tried:

Our Team

Any suggestion? Thanks heap!

  • I'm guessing the title is not what you think it is. What is output to the HTML source if you add this to the template? *{embed:title}* (please include the asterisks) – Derek Jones Sep 3 '18 at 18:37

It should work. Did you tried:

{if "{embed:title}" == "Our Team"} class="active" {/if}
  • Indeed I have done that one but it did not work. – Vee Aug 21 '18 at 1:39

Can you use the url_title instead ?

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