Is anyone else using this add-on? It has worked just fine for me for years, but after upgrading to EE 4, it no longer seems to add new entries to the archive.

Example here:

There are entries for 2018, so there should be some months listed there, but they don’t show up.

I have not changed anything about the setup and the entries are setup the same way as the 2017 entries. The only difference I can think of is the fact that I upgraded to 2018, if there is some difference to how these entries are dated/stored/etc.

  • Make sure the entries of year 2018 should have open status and entry_date should greater then 01/01/2018 – Harsh Barach Sep 9 at 6:27
  • They are open and have correct entry dates. I have compared their setup with 2017 entries and cannot find any differences. – Linda Antonsson Sep 9 at 12:08

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