is there a way to enable users to upload files that only the user is able to see/download.

Admin needs to be able to manage the user's files and upload/delete these from the backend.

So a user registers an account -> can access user area with his files and upload/download -> admin can upload files for that user and manage user's files

Each user had his own area

Any addons that can do that?


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Your requirement can be achieved by Smart Members Pro and Channel Images plugin. I am assuming that your website have User section from front-side and Admin section from beck-end to manage that User section.

Using Smart Members Pro :-

You should create Member's Registration, Login, Update profile, Change password, Forgot password and reset password by using this plugin. For member area in EE this plugin is supreme. So, that you can create separate member area for every registered User.

Using Channel Images :-

After making any Channel (having Channel Images field) to store images, You should make front-end form to upload the images by logged_in User by using Channel form. So, that user can upload the Images from front-end.

By this way Member section can be handled by Smart Members Pro and Upload images section can be handled by Channel Images. And to assign Images to any member you can create Simple Text-box and store respective member-id into it. Combination of these two plugin can achieve your requirement for sure.

  • Thanks I need to be able to upload and share any filetype from frontend and backend Jan 18, 2019 at 19:57
  • For that you need File or File Grid fieldtype. Jan 20, 2019 at 5:07

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