We use Expression engine 4 and the latest Assets. After adding a new external source (AWS S3), and trying to update index, I'm getting an error:

"Numeric value out of range value for column 'filesize' at row 43"

I'm guessing this is because we have giant files in our bucket? Just looking for a way to get around this and be able to index our external source.


So this seems to be an issue with the int range of the column:


It looks like you'll need to experiment with changing that column type to VARCHAR, or try making sure it is an unsigned int if it isn't already.

This could break stuff so test on a development server first. But I would suggest going right to EEHarbor support with this info as using that column as an int seems to be a bug in the software and they may need to provide an update that changes that column data type and makes sure the add-on code handles the changed data type correctly (probably casting a string that stores file size to an integer in PHP).


I just checked and that column is an unsigned integer type, so you have some big files going on. EEHarbor will need to do what I said to make the add-on compatible with customers who have really big files (from any source, not just AWS S3). Contact them.

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