Need help with this problem. It's EE3 version and Store Module 3.0

I've created new text field (text input) in Channel Manager and now I want to call that field when user is ordering his product, and it should be able to write custom text in that field. I'm having problem because I can't show that custom text in order review (in cart).

So, if anyone know how to show that custom text in order review page, I would appreciate if you can share the solution.

I've tried this:

{exp:channel:form channel="shop" form_class="form-cart" id="form-cart"}
{exp:store:checkout form_class="form-cart" next="cart/payment"}

<input name="ulaznica-1" class="sretni-datum" id="ulaznica-1" value="" type="text" placeholder="dd-mm-gg">


{exp:channel:form channel="shop" form_class="form-cart" id="form-cart"}
{exp:store:orders order_hash="{segment_3}"}



{ulaznica-1} is channel field name.

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