I've updated EE from 2 to 5. I've a custom module where I need to validate a form. In the new EE 5 the function $this->EE->form_validation->error_array() does not exist anymore. I'm using it in the following function:

        'post' => $_POST, 
        'errors' => this->EE->form_validation->error_array()

Does someone has an answer for this?


I haven't used that legacy library in quite a while, but after a quick review of the code in EE 4.3.6 (which should be the same as 5.0.x), I think you can return a string of error messages like so for a Control Panel flash message:

'errors' => ee()->form_validation->error_string()

That class and function lives in system/ee/legacy/libraries/Form_validation.php and should return a carriage-returned string of errors you can use.

Remember that EE2 was running heavily on a version of CodeIgniter 2.x that EllisLab was maintaining, and in later versions of EE they stopped using that framework as a base. That framework is where the validation class originated, but now (in at least EE4 and EE5) they use a legacy library that has no dependencies on CodeIgniter anymore, so you can only use what lives in that legacy library file.

I think. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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