Is anyone aware of a way (add-on or other) of temporaily suspending a member group from publishing content?

For example when perfoming dev tasks my process is normally somethig like this (simlified for brevity):

  • Sync live database to local working copy (via SQL dump)
  • Perform dev tasks
  • Push workgin copy code to live server
  • SQL dump of wokring copy database to live server

Oviously, any changes to the DB on the live server during this period would be overridden.

I know I can disable CMS access to a certain member group for a period of time, but this shows a rather bland Forbidden message - which can be quite shokcing to client. It would be nicer to let them login to the control panel and show them a friendly "content freeze" message or similar.

Any thoughts? How do you manage this situation when dealing with a site where the client has publising privilages?

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I just tell clients not to change anything between the hours I'm working on the site, and any changes made during that period will be lost.


You can use this add-on:


You'll need to update it to work with EE4/5, which is a pretty easy to accomplish. I've done it myself and even created a CP page where you can edit the message users receive when they try to log in.

However, I would never consider freezing content for simple dev work. And I certainly would never make database changes on a local copy and push it to your true source copy (production database). That scares me (and my clients).


You can also revoke the channel posting rights for the member group temporarily

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