I'm sure this is a basic question (EE is not my bag): I am trying to create a fallback for an image's alt text where if the image does not have a description then to use the title of the entry in its place.

But obviously if I use

  <img src="{url}" alt="{if description}{description}{if:else}{title}{/if}"> 

Then it uses the image's title.

How do I make it display the entry title instead?


  • What kind of field is this? Feb 13, 2019 at 17:17

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Can you give me a little more information about your code here?

{image} is a grid field? What fields does the grid have? Perhaps you could rename the {title} field in your grid to something that doesn't overwrite the default {title} field?


Are you using the file fieldtype..if so with the variable pair tag.. i guess you can't get the entry title!??.. But if you have only 1 image.. you may try something like..

{image limit="1"} <img src="{url}" alt="{if description}{description}"{/image}{if:else}{/image}{title}"{/if}> It's not elegant.. and i didn't test it.. !

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