TROUBLESHOOTING Migrating an old blog over using this templte Bootcamp 4 and EE The navbar toggler is working on the .index template but not on the subsequent templates.



I’m loading jquery.js before bootstrap.js at the bottom of page - so I’ve ruled that out.

Using the same embeds on all templates - so that ticks that box.

Looks like subsequent templates just can’t find the JS folder. Is is an addressing issue?

Anyhow - help appreciated - thanks in advance. S

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You are using relative addressing for the tag that loads your javascript elements: in the page source you see tags that look like this:

<script src="V2/js/clean-blog.min.js"></script>

which will cause the browser to try and load the scripts from a URL relative to the current one the browser is at, rather than the site root.

  • In your first example (I corrected the typo in your URL for that one) you are looking at a page in root directory, so the browser goes to the correct location for the javascript resources.

  • In your second example, the URL being loaded is not the root directory (it is /notebook/i_like_jazz) so the browser goes looking for its resources in the wrong directory (presumably /notebook/i_like_jazz/V2/js).

You can fix this by either adding {site_url} to the start of the paths to load the javascript from, or simply adding a / to the tags - something like:

<script src="/V2/js/clean-blog.min.js"></script>



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